Latest News - Updated 13th September

We're Back!!!!!

We just wanted to say a huge thank you again for everyone's support.

We have now been back for a week in our Covid Safe Classes and everyone seems to be taking to our new way of working like ducks to water.

We will continue these classes in this way for as long as we are allowed, and we hope that before too much longer, we maybe get back to something like we used to have.

Don't forget, we still have online classes available to buy from this site, as well as various videos of shows, productions etc. Check them out.

Finally, in association with WW Audio, we now have a recording studio with a brand new professionally acoustically treated vocal booth.

The studio is called, 'The Den' and you can find more information about it here

It is perfect for people to record vocals to backing tracks, to make voice reels etc, or even to give a gift of a song for a family member, maybe a good idea for a Christmas present. There will be a lot more information about these facilities soon when we are a bit more settled in our new ways.

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