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Welcome to our new, 'Performances & Shows' video channel page. where you can rent or buy performance videos.

If you rent a video, it will be available for you to view here once for up to 72 hours from time of purchase. If you buy a video, you can view it here with no time restrictions plus you can also download the video file at any time to your device.

All payments are made securely via PayPal.

For step by step instructions how to buy / rent and playback the videos, scroll to the bottom of the video window below.

How To Buy And View Your Purchased Video

Under the main viewing screen, you will see all available to buy / rent videos. If using a mobile phone to view, you may need to scroll across to see all of the available videos.

Click on the video you are interested in, it will show on the main window.

To view information about that video, click, 'Preview'. This will play the first 20 seconds of the video. While it is playing, on the right side of the video, if you hover you mouse over the video, you will see an, 'i' icon. Click on this to view the information.

To buy or rent the video while the preview is playing, you will see an icon on the top right corner, 'Buy for £2 $' - or however much it costs. Click on that icon.

To buy when the preview isn't playing, click on the, 'Buy for £2' (or however much it is) button on the video.

This will then give you the option to buy or to rent.

To buy or rent a video, you will need to register with the site and be logged in. You can do this by clicking on the, 'Register / Log In' link above, or it will also give you the option when you click to buy or rent the video.

Once you have chosen if you want to rent or buy, you will be directed to PayPal to complete the payment.

Once you have completed your purchase, you can watch your video here. You need to be logged in to view it.

You will also be sent a conformation email with a link, which will bring you back here to view your video - remember you need to be logged in

If you can't see the confirmation email, check your Junk Folder, as occasionally they end up there.

If you have rented the video, you can watch it here once for up to 72 hours from the time of purchase.

If you have bought the video or more than one video, you can watch them here when ever you want as long as you are signed in.

If you have bought the video, you can also download the actual video file to your device if you want, so you can play it offline any time and anywhere. While the video is playing, there is a download icon in the bottom right corner.

We hope that all makes sense, it's actually very easy and straight forward to do. We just wanted people to get used to videos being purchased this way before we start our Summer Holiday Online Classes Video Downloads.