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Fractured DVD

Fractured DVD


The brand new DVD set of our 2019 production show, 'Fractured', filmed at Theatr Clwyd, July 2019 is now available to pre order.

Release date expected to be the end of September.


As the first half in all of the four shows were different, the DVD package comes in a number of different versions. 


It comes in a 2 DVD set (1 complete show of your choice, with each half on it's own DVD), a 3 DVD set (2 first halves of your choice, plus the second half), a 4 DVD set (3 first halves of your choice, plus the second half) and 5 DVD set (all 4 first halves, plus the second half).


Simply select how many first halves you want, then in the text box, write which show or shows you want:-


Show 1 = Thursday Night

Show 2 = Friday Night

Show 3 = Saturday Afternoon

Show 4 = Saturday Night


1 Show (2 x DVD Set) = £16

2 Show (3 x DVD Set) = £21

3 Show (4 x DVD Set) = £25

4 Show (5 x DVD Set) = £28


  • Delivery

    By default, the when ready, the DVD will be given to the student named in their class. If the DVD's are for a present and you don't want the student to know about it, when you get to the, 'Checkout' page, make sure you click on the, 'Add A Note' tab, and leave us a message to say you don't want it given out in class. It can be either collected by you or we can post it out to you

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